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ATK wishes to welcome schools and tertiary institutions within the wider Cape Town area to utilize our highly-equipped Esports Arena to facilitate practices for your Esports club’s needs. Schools will be provided a total of 4 hours of practice per month, thereafter any extra time purchased by the school will charged at R50 per hour per student. A 15 minute set-up time will be allocated per practice session. To see the Arena hardware please click the link for more details: 


How to apply: A school must simply provide a list of all the students that have committed themselves to their Esports club to and cc This includes names, surnames, in-game names, and games played for their school with no more than 30 school students (unlimited university Esports club students) on the list. ATK will assume that the requisite permissions have been gathered from their guardians for transport to and from the Arena and to play gaming-titles that fall above the recommended age for a student. ATK will then create an Arena account for them on our Arena software to track their hours used. Only one list of students may be submitted to ATK per year, so make sure the list is accurate.

How to book the Arena: Bookings must be made at least one week prior to the desired practice date. ATK Arena will not accept the booking if this is not adhered to. Included in your booking request must be the number of students attending as well as the desired games or games they intend to play. All schools are expected to book their practice at the Arena for Thursday between 2-7pm with and cc ATK Arena becomes busier the closer to the weekend it becomes. If your school wishes to practice on Friday, Saturday or Sunday we encourage you to ask however it is unlikely a spot will be secured. Each school, must elect one representative to facilitate communications with the Arena. Pupils must wear their schools appropriate Esports kit or school uniform if no kit is available.


Q: Can our registered club students (listed students) come play at ATK Arena on non-club practice days? 

A: Yes, this will not deduct from the allocated 4 hours given to the school. The student will simply have to purchase hours onto their individual account at R50 per hour. The student must prove that they are the person on their school's Esports club list until the ATK staff member is sufficiently satisfied. 

Q: Our school wants to play a game against another school, can we schedule this game to be played at ATK Arena?
A: It depends, if the match is held as a part of a larger tournament held by another institution then it is unlikely that the Arena will be available. If you simply wish to host a private match of any kind between schools then ATK will be more than willing to provide a portion of the Arena so long as the exact match details are provided at least two weeks prior to the desired date.

Q: Can our school students or school club practice during school Holidays?

A: ATK Arena becomes very busy during the school holidays. Individual members may still utilize their Arena discount of R50 per hour purchased, but fewer slots will be available for registered club practice days. You are still encouraged to email us at least a week in advance and we will try to accommodate your practice times.


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