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29th January  2023, 10am
Location: ATK Arena, Claremont, Cape Town
Details: 6 rounds consisting of 1 solo play, building-enabled custom game per round. R2000 prize pool per round distributed amongst the top 5 point earners from the custom game. R50 entry per round. Maximum of 40 players per round, the first 40 people to sign-up online or at the door, per round get in. The event starts at 10 am so don't be late!

Points & Rules: 1 point per kill +
1st position - 12 points
2nd position - 9 points
3rd position - 6 points
4th position - 4 points
5th position - 2 points
This means that you can still win a round even if you don't get a victory royale! 1st place gets R800, 2nd place R500, 3rd place R300, 4th place R250 and 5th place R150 per round. 

NB: We have generators so load shedding will only slightly delay the tournament schedule. Please bring your own controllers AND controller USB cables, we only have 8 controllers for hire. Feel free to bring your own headsets, keyboards, and mice! We have set all Fortnite settings to performance mode.



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