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ATK CS:GO is back at ESL Pro League (EPL) and here’s why it’s a big deal!

What is EPL?

ESL, one of the biggest CS:GO tournament organizers, invites the best teams from around the world to compete at one of the few S-tier events throughout the year, Pro League. EPL is a spectacle with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake and thousands watching on Twitch and other streaming platforms. The CS world is split into different conferences, such as North America, European etc. Among others, the top 2 teams from these conferences qualify for the tournament. ATK qualified 1st for the North American conference alongside MIBR who secured 2nd place.

ATK’s history at EPL

In 2019, after they had shown significant South African dominance, ATK qualified for EPL Season 10. ATK, a group of relatively unknown South African and American talents shocked the world by defeating some of Esport's most reputable organisations. ATK defeated North and G2 Esports in the group stages before being eliminated by Mousesports who went on to win the entire tournament. The roster was immediately signed by another titan of Esports, Cloud9. Today, members of that team can be found in many of North America’s top teams, including Complexity and Team Liquid!

ATK CS:GO today

Four years later, ATK has qualified yet again with an equally scary roster. The roster has truly gone international with a South African IGL, Swedish AWPer and American, Canadian and Pakistani Riflers. The roster is talented, but it is also relatively new. Two players have recently left the team and thus ATK is exiting a rebuilding phase, but the results have been good! The only question that remains is if the team is good enough to stand toe-to-toe with the world’s best CS:GO organisations? Find out by watching ATK play at EPL s17 starting on the 22nd of February! It’s a big deal.

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