INTERNSHIP at atk arena

Join us for the 2020/2021 Holiday for the ATK Summer Internship! Our Summer Internship offers valuable work experience to those interested in working in esports and tech. Interns would join us on our customer support team who lead day to day operations at ATK Arena.

All interns will receive 2 hours of game time at ATK Arena back for every 1 hour they work with us and some added benefits along the way!

We will also give you a work reference for your CV and keep you registered in our books for future esports events. Work references are based on our four principles of punctuality, politeness, professionalism, and helpfulness. 

Your game hours are loaded at the end of the week on a Sunday evening, free for you to use outside of your volunteer hours. We expect every intern to do a minimum of 30 hours for the period, and to take one shift on a weekend and a total of 4 weekends of working. 



  • choose the shifts you want to work (6 or 7 hours at a time)

  • turn up for your shift on time

  • assist with keeping the arena neat and tidy

  • resetting the gaming desks according to our standard when a customer leaves

  • offer gamers assistance with in-game help, including setting sound, screen res, DPI, navigating the menus and other settings

  • keep score for tournaments

  • be visible to customers while on shift

  • promote the ATK brand positively in your behaviour and attitude

Applications have reached full capacity. Thank you we will be in contact soon.

Successful applications will be contacted soon after the close of applications where we will schedule a training programme with you.

Unsuccessful applicants will be added to the waiting list or deferred to the next program. Your parent/guardian is expected to sign the application form if you are younger than 18. Every applicant requires proof of age. Only a birth certificate or an acceptable form of ID document will be accepted. Failure to attend shifts repeatedly or not adhering to the principles list will result in early termination of the work experience program. 

Now with all that out the way, are you interested? Click the link below to fill in your application form.