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Triple Tier Tournament format

In December we set out to redefine how Fortnite tournaments are decided. We want to help the up and coming players have a chance to participate in a big tournament alongside the more experienced players so they can gain the valuable experience of competitive sport.

We also wanted to help player see what areas of their game they should be working on. So the triple tier tournament was devised, whereby players were required to qualify to participate in the finals. The finals were a all round test of a players ability to excel in multiple formats of the game.

For our LAN CUP three qualifying events were run, which saw three batches of qualifiers invited to a final showdown. Because the finals were by invite only, the players had no idea what the format was, and this is one of the aspects of competitive playing which we feel is the overlooked. The ability to adapt quickly to changes in rules, and changes in environment. Variety. Some players will avoid certain game modes because it doesn't favor them. Our qualifying events were based on age groups, which meant younger players could qualify with players of the same age, allowing the age groups to have an equal chance to qualify.

Once the final event began age was not used to rank players, instead, the players score was used to rank them within the tournament, and for the better players this meant an easier road to the finals which were 1v1 box fight maps.

To seed players Public Kill Race maps and Solo Customs were played, which ranked the top 30 players. The format of the event favored players who were consistent in their matches, as only 16 players would be going through to single elimination 1v1 stages. Using their position as their score meant that to consistently place in the top 3 would give you a good chance of winning even if you don't win all the stages.

As the 1v1 stages progressed players were eliminated, from 16, to 8 to 4 to 2 and finally the winner emerged. Due to the format of the event it was entirely possible that the winner of the 1v1 might not be the outright winner, which was the case.

This was a successful first attempt at running a three tier finals and with the feedback we have received we will continue to refine the format.