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Fortnite Fortnight – 12th May

This weekend proved that the Fortnite community shows up like no other in the local esports scene. As seen over at the ASUS ROG Fortnite Fortnight tournament; ATK Arena was filled to the brim with participants hungry to place for a piece of that 20k prize pool. After a bit of a late start to ensure that customs run smoothly for the players we started to see some of potentially the best in the country, save a few well known names, duke it out with a wide variety of strategies.

I was casting alongside HutchieOG and we found that the contestants were trying to gauge where their opponents stood in both skill and strategy. Following these initial passive plays we saw an eruption of chaos when it went down to the top 10 and the storm began rotating around the map. It went down to the wire with a lot of surprising winners and losers.

This continued in every match throughout the day with no holds barred. Casting alongside Hutchie was an absolute pleasure and he shares a passion for both the game and the local community like no other.

In the solos we had a fan favourite Thomas ‘Guac_africa’ van Zyl take 3rd place. Keaton ‘Keatonkcdv’ de Villiers, who has one of the most supportive fathers in SA esports, take 2nd and the out-of-nowhere Qiyam ‘Swiift_Qiyam’ Taliep take 1st by a solid margin. Qiyam's brother and teammate Mikaeel "Swiift_Mikaeel" Taliep managed to take 4th, only just missing the top 3.

The Duos Divisions, which was played in the Kill-Race format due to time constraints, was an absolutely wild ride. 4th place standing was a tie between the duos of Keaton de Villiers and Taitan Lintnaar as well as Guac_Africa and Riots_Africa. In 3rd place we had Travis Vercueil and Will “VeGa Nottkingg” Kingston while in 2nd place we had Max ‘JinxxD_’ Gordon and Sebastian ‘shun?’ Innes.

The winners of the Duos Division were Nathan De Sousa and Bradley Wallet with an outstanding total of 43 points. The ASUS ROG Fortnite Fortnight event of May 2019 was certainly one to remember, and with the phenomenal turnout it only makes us look forward to next month’s Fortnite event.

Blog written by: Jesse "Cloudburst" McConnell Photography by: Moegammad "eMpTy" Abrahams Event sponsored by @ASUSza