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ATK Arena Fortnite Solos & Duos – March 2019

Updated: Jan 10

On 3rd March 2019 ATK Arena hosted not only it’s first ever Fortnite event but a Fortnite event with a completely revised format. In an effort to rethink the traditional format of competitive Fortnite, it was decided that players could play as many games as possible within an hour and record their top three games, instead of hosting the typical double elimination, elimination race recorded under a ladder format.

ATK Arena considered this to be most fair not just because of how RNG heavy Fortnite, or any battle royale, can be but also because currently there are no accessible South African Fortnite servers. We at ATK Arena believed that this format allows players to showcase their skill and not their luck.

The event kicked off with a Solo Bracket and ended with a Duo Bracket. To play in each bracket, players could enter into three possible divisions with the option of entering one, two or even all three if they wish. This allowed players to have a second or third attempt if they felt they had performed poorly or thought they could best their previous score.

The event was expertly cast by HutchieOG and Noobslice, both significant personalities within the South African esports community. Additionally ATK Arena saw a large attendance from players regarded to be semi professional or influential, with a handful of players even travelling from Johannesburg to attend the event. The ATK Arena vision of levelling playing fields sees all participants playing on the same equipment, eliminating as much RNG from the competitive format as possible. The result is that players able to perform at their best and showcase their skills.

This is evident when observing the talent present at the event. A great example would be the Guo brothers, Tony ‘YeahTheYeah’ Guo and Bill ‘cpt_awsum’ Guo, who seemed to come out of absolutely nowhere, pleasantly surprising the casters, the players and the audience.

HutchieOG managed to convince RiotsZA to drive the two hours to the venue to compete, an extremely last minute decision made just the night before. With RiotsZA placing comfortably first in the Solo division it turned out to be a wise one.

For those that were unable to make it, the entire event was live streamed via Twitch and those that wished to spectate were welcome to come do so live in the ATK Arena for the regular R20 spectators fee.

It was unanimously agreed that the event was a success with both players and spectators complimenting the new competitive format, stating that it was both easier to watch and play.