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  • William "Sygz" Earl

ATK Dota 2 1v1 Tournament

The ATK Dota 2 1v1 tournament was filled with amazing moments! Featuring a few local Dota Stars, and some returning talent from the previous tournament, the stage was set for an exciting day. All the players brought their fighting spirit and it was fantastic to see everyone enjoying themselves and having a good time.

The randomized Group Stages went smoothly for some but notably Group 3, called the "Death Group", consisted of all Prem Division players who duked it out in a series of ferocious matches.

The brackets were next and we started off with Adastam VS Trxster, a fun match with returning young talent Trxster showing everyone he has what it takes to challenge the big dogs. Adastam took the win but it was a hard fought battle.

Another notable match was Muzzy vs. Jeric, the two survivors of Group 3. The favourite going into the match was Muzzy, who had previously beaten Jeric in the group stages. This time things played out differently with Jeric managing to take this exciting match. We strongly recommend watching the replay for this one as both players gave it horns!

Replay on

Lastly our grand finals with Adastam vs. Jeric came down to the wire. Some interesting tactics were employed by both players, risky moves and excellent plays made for an exciting end to the tournament!

Ultimately, Adastam emerged victorious as the Champion of the ATK Dota 2 1v1 Tournament!

A fun day with some great Dota! Shout-out to the casters Sygz and Desolation_ZA. Photography: Moegammad "eMpTy" Abrahams