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ATK Holiday Work Experience Volunteer Program

Join us for the 2019/20 December School holidays and earn valuable experience of working in the esports industry, as a team member in our tech support team. You will have the support of our senior tech staff to help you every day and teach you how to troubleshoot our most common problems encountered. 

What we offer you in exchange for your time here is 2 hours of ATK game time added to your ATK account for every hour worked.  So, as an example, if you work for 30 hours, we will load your account up with 60 hours of game time, which doesn't expire. This is worth R1200 if you bought our best value membership package. There may also be some other perks added along the way.


We will also give you a work reference for your CV and keep you registered in our books for future esports events. Work references are based on our four principles of punctuality, politeness, professionalism, and helpfulness.


Your game hours are loaded at the end of the week on a Sunday evening, free for you to use outside of your volunteer hours. We expect every intern to do a minimum of 50 hours for the period, and to take one shift on a weekend. There is no maximum. 

Your duties are as follows

  • choose the shifts you want to work (6 or 7 hours at a time)

  • turn up for your shift on time

  • assist with keeping the arena neat and tidy

  • resetting the gaming desks according to our standard when a customer leaves

  • offer gamers assistance with in-game help, including setting sound, screen res, DPI, navigating the menus and other settings

  • keep score for tournaments

  • be visible to customers while on shift

  • promote the ATK brand positively in your behavior and attitude

While this list is only for you to understand the core duties you will have there may be other things required which would constitute a one-off request. An example of this would be to unpack a box of stock in our storeroom. 

We are taking submissions until Sunday the 8th of December. Thereafter applicants will be contacted to inform them of the terms and conditions as explained above, and schedule their training shift and to complete their volunteer application form. Your parent/guardian is expected to sign the application form if you are younger than 18.


Every applicant requires proof of age. Only a birth certificate or an acceptable form of ID document will be accepted. The applicant registration period is closed for this round.

Thank you to the succesful volunteers who completed the program and to those who have stayed on at ATK. It was a valuable and good experience for us, and we hope to run this again for future holidays.